Main street of the city where festive atmosphere always reigns,people walk and street musicians sing. On Deribasovskaya luxury shops,boutiques and trendy restaurants are located. This is the main spot for various city trade fairs and carnivals. City Garden adjoins Deribasovskaya,where tourists and citizens of Odessa spend their summer evenings around the rotunda and listen to orchestra and modern street bands.

Deribasovskaya street is made only for pedestrians and lined with famous paving stones of Odessa. This small and charming street is loved by everyone and is constantly filled with tourists and citizens of Odessa. Between the tables of numerous cafes people share latest news,friends meet and couples share their love.

The street is characterized by its eclectic architectural style. Here neoclassical building stand next to the pompous hotel "Big Moscow", designed in the style of Art Nouveau,for its unusual appearance locals often call it the home of Gaudi. A few steps away stands the hotel "Passage" in all its glory of the Rococo style.

In the City Garden many interesting monuments can be found,out of which some have become famous symbols of Odessa. For example,a monument of " The Twelve Chairs",monument of lions,a monument of Leonid Utesov and a monument of Sergey Utochkin - a pilot and an athlete of the beginning of the 20th century.

Each tourist must take a picture next to the monument of Joseph de Ribas,after whom the main street of Odessa is named. De Ribas is pictured leaning on a shovel keeping the map of the city.