Ekaterininskaya square

Ekaterininskaya square

In 1901, at the Paris conference architectural Ekaterininskaya square has been recognized as the best architectural complex in Europe. All eight buildings surrounding Catherine's Square - is monuments.

Triangular shaped area itself. It offers a three types: on Ekaterininskaya Street, Sabaneyev on the bridge and on the seaside boulevard.

Ekaterininskaya square is known not only for its beauty, but also a dramatic story.

Immediately after the founding of Odessa on it was founded the church of St. Catherine. But after the death of the Empress, her son Paul stopped building, and the area was renamed the Elizabethan. Then it was renamed Dyukovsky. But the centennial of the city on the area decided to open a monument to its founder, surmounted by Catherine II. However, after the revolution, instead of Catherine on a pedestal installed first bust, and then the statue of Karl Marx, in whose honor and renamed itself the square and the streets leading to it.

In 1965, the square was a monument potemkintsam. In 2007 it was moved to the customs area, a monument to the founder of Odessa with Catherine was returned to its place . but the area itself and the adjacent buildings renovated.