The mud of the estuary of the world is considered a benchmark for its healing properties . Its anti-inflammatory effect is stronger than that of the Dead Sea mud . The resort on the shores of the estuary was built in the 19th century and is now considered one of the most beautiful architectural monuments . At one time there were even a course of mud European monarchs .

As a result of a complex interaction of specific bacteria and crustaceans , sludge collects at the bottom of the estuary Kuyal'nitskogo acquired unique analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties . The therapeutic effect of the mud was seen for a long time , but has been actively used since the mid -nineteenth century. Then, on the shore of the estuary for the treatment of a noble public it was built a sanatorium complex .

Modern medicine continues to be used successfully to treat Kuyal'nitskogo dirt of all kinds of inflammation .


65013 , Odessa , resort Kuyalnik

Phones :

0-800-50-50-82 ( from fixed phones within Ukraine free), ( 048) 751-51-38 ( around the clock ) .