Primorsky Boulevard

Primorsky Boulevard

This front facade of Odessa. On one side of the boulevard framed by the best in Ukraine neoclassical architectural ensemble . On the other side of the boulevard breathtaking views of the Gulf of Odessa , the port and is located on the slopes of the parks .

In the north of the boulevard starts from Teschin bridge where Vorontsov Palace and a viewing platform on a cliff colonnade particularly attract tourists .

In the south, the seaside boulevard ends with absolutely impressive white building of the City Duma , the entire facade is decorated with majestic columns . Before the Duma is one of the world's finest monument to the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin .

Exactly in the middle of the boulevard surrounded by a semi-circular area is a monument to the first mayor of the city of Duc de Richelieu , which descends directly to the port Potemkin Stairs. From the top of the stairs offers the best views of the Gulf of Odessa , is a popular place for photo shoots .

In 2008, during the renovation at the Promenade were found traces of the ancient Greek settlement. Above the excavation site was installed skylight through which you can see the artifacts found there .