Odessa Philharmonic

Odessa Philharmonic

he building of the Odessa Philharmonic is recognized as unique architectural and historical monument , it is, indeed, unique - even prominent experts after its construction could not give an unambiguous definition of the architectural style in which it is made .

In the late nineteenth century to century Odessa city officials announced a competition to design a new stock exchange. Competition won one of the best architects of the Art Nouveau Viennese architect Vincent I. Prohaska. The construction was under the direction of chief architect, Alexander Osipovich Bernardazzi and was completed in 5 years in 1899. New building exchanges mentioned in his literary works, essays and articles Leonid Cliffs, Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov, Roots Chukovsky and others. The most accurate description was found Chukovsky: "Exchange in the Moorish style."

Co- creation Prochazka and Bernardazzi applies to the Florentine Renaissance , and Italian , Venetian Gothic with Renaissance elements , as a result of its architectural style has been recognized by the Gothic Revival .

Giant windows Philharmonic decorated stained-glass windows , as well as ornaments and intricate patterns of Carrara marble , reinforcing coating of a knightly romanticism.

By the main entrance from the street is a white marble staircase - for her visitors climb into a two-story lobby is no less striking for its colossal stairs . The building of the Odessa Philharmonic majestic and beautiful inside . The walls of the lobby are decorated with paintings of St. Petersburg artist Karazin and Kassioli - painter from Florence . On paintings - scenes from different eras of humanity , related to trade , agriculture and industry .

Since 1946, in the building of the New Exchange was posted Odessa Philharmonic. One reason for that was the amazing acoustics of a large room - it has a good overall sound conductivity, but neighbors say it is impossible to hear. This nuance has been specially conceived by architects to traders on the exchange are not overheard conversations of those around. Amazingly beautiful concert hall: the ceiling is made of Lebanese cedar without a single nail, it is gilded and painted with beautiful patterns. Seating capacity - 1050 seats, this concert hall is recognized as one of the best in Europe. It gave concerts Mogilev, Leaf, Oistrakh, Rostropovich and many other famous composers, conductors and performers.