City Ismail is interesting primarily for its history. In the XII century in its place there was a castle, which was first the Genoese, then became Turkish. In the XVIII century it became the center of military conflict between the Ottoman and Russian empires, and several times passed from hand to hand. July 26, 1770 it took the Russian troops under the command NV Repnin in 1774 by Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca returned to Turkey.

In 1789, Repnin tried to take the fortress by storm once again, but to no avail. 11 December 1790 the fortress, which became at that time impregnable, storm takes Alexander Suvorov. In 1791, the Treaty of Jassy castle was again transferred to Turkey. September 14, 1809 Ismail once again taken by the Russian troops, and referred back to Turkey by the Treaty of Paris in 1856. April 13, 1877 Ismail was captured by Russian troops for the fourth time. In 1918 it was occupied by Romania, in 1940 the Soviet government forced Romania to return Ishmael, along with several other territories. From July 1941 to August 26, 1944 the city was occupied by German and Romanian troops.

As Russian troops together with the Ukrainian Black Sea Cossacks under the command of Suvorov stormed the fortress, you can look at a diorama - a huge canvas, arranged in a semicircle in the former Mosque, the only structure of the Ottoman era, surviving to the present day. The museum Suvorov can learn about the history of other victories of the famous Russian commander.

From the castle walls there was only a foundation, which became part of the historical and cultural reserve.

Its unusual architecture attracted the attention of St. Basil's Cathedral, designed in a neoclassical style. By the cathedral from both sides, like wings, adjacent colonnade, which highlights the cathedral among others.

Getting to Israel from Odessa, you can either train or taxi. Travel time by train 6:00 26 minutes, taxi 4:00 50 minutes.

The train departs from the Odessa train station every day 16-22, arrives in Izmail in 22-56. Shuttle buses run from the railway station and the bus station every half hour from 4-20 to 19-40.