Kulevchanskoe miracle

Kulevchanskoe miracle

The village Kulevchi in Saratsky district of Odessa region became a place of pilgrimage for thousands of Orthodox believers. In the St. Nicholas Church of the village miracles started to occur few years ago.

Cut stems of lilies, which are placed near the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, after drying up each year begin to sprout and bloom with large white buds. And inside the icon the dried stems,wrapped around the face of the Virgin Mary, also begin to bloom.

Several icons in the church suddenly began to stream myrrh, including the Kasperovoy Icon of the Virgin Mary, a copy of which is located in Odessa.

On the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God little drops, that looked like blood, appeared.

When glasses from the icons of St. George the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon were removed, copies of their images were miraculously depicted on them.

In the center of the church stands a large crucifix of Jesus Christ, which is streaming myrrh for the past five years continuously. Moreover, specifically only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday during church service