The main building material, from which from the beginning was built city was coquina. We extract it here; the good, the place that was chosen for Odessa, it was just over a vast array of marine sediments of the Cretaceous period. For in the prehistoric era of Northern Black Sea region was covered with sea, on the bottom of which is hundreds of millions of years, settled calcareous shells of various shellfish.

Coquina quarried for building spontaneously, resulting in near Odessa were formed thousands of kilometers hacked Stonebruiser intricately interwoven multi-level galleries, complete plan which have not managed to reach. By its length Odessa catacombs have no equal in the world. The total length of the galleries is more than 3 000 kilometers.

. Underground galleries come to the surface in many places. Most of the exits were walled up for security reasons. Is open to tourists left the entrance to the catacombs in the village Nerubayske near Odessa, where was arranged a memorial complex dedicated to the Odessa partisans. There are regular guided tours for tourists. Before going to the train station tour groups who are sent on a special bus in Nerubayske. On the way the guide tells about the history of the catacombs and the guerrilla movement in Odessa.

Just remember that to go down into the catacombs without a guide is very dangerous. It is easy to get lost and explore the thousands of kilometers of underground galleries no search group can not.

Phone: 067-292-30-55
GPS coordinates: 46 ° 54'39 "p. M. 30 ° 62'73" in. d.
Opening hours of the Museum of Partisan Glory: daily from 9.00 to 16.00, except Monday.

Location Museum of Partisan Glory - 65070, Ukraine, Odessa region, Belyaevsky district,. Nerubayske (you can reach the bus station "Privoz" route taxis №№ 84, 87, 90 to the village Nerubayske).