Fortress of Belgorod- Dnestrovskyi

Fortress of Belgorod- Dnestrovskyi

It’s the biggest ancient fortress in Ukraine,which has remained to our time. Built during 13th- 15th centuries it still keeps the ancient spirit. Here historical movies are being filmed and tournaments of knightly combats are held.

It is a unique monument of the defense architecture of 13th-15th centuries built on the foundation of the Ionic city Tyra on the coast of Dnestrovskyi Liman attracts thousands of tourists from far and near abroad countries. The dispute between historians regarding who and when built this unique construction is not over until now. Some say that it were Genoese,other say that it were Turks,there is also an assumption that Slavic tribes were the ones who founded it.

. Since its’ foundation the territory of now existing Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi has been under authority of Pontiac Bishops of Rome,Byzantium,Kievan Rus,Golden Horde,Moldavia, Ottoman Empire and then under Russian Empire.

The fortress is surrounded by a fosse of 14 meters depth and 10 meters width from three sides. Its north part rises above the cliff and from the walls unfolds a breathtaking view on the Dnestrovskyi liman.

The fortress has fully preserved the unique citadel ( fortress inside of the fortress ) , as well as the garrison and civilian courtyard surrounded by walls,towers and bastions .

Today Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi fortress is a historically-touristic complex. It includes - cafes,souvenir shops,tyre (where visitors can shoot at a target with a bow and crossbow),museum of torture chamber,cannons and ammunition,mini-museums.