Recipes from Odessa

Cuisine of Odessa is an entire history. Odessa’s soil is rich on fruits and vegetables, greens and spices. Cuisine with flavor of Odessa will appear to absolutely everyone’s taste- it’s light, unobtrusive, healthy and absolutely delicious. It lacks of fast food, and is quite complicated to cook. It’s a fusion of ancient culinary traditions and precious experience of Odessa housewives. In Odessa traditional recipes are passed through generations, its taste and diversity is impossible not to fall in love with!

Big Odessa - is a multinational community, and because of that Odessa cuisine presents a fusion of the most delicious dishes of Ukraine, Bulgaria, Israel, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Moldavia, Greece, Russia.

Traditional Odessa dishes include: borsch, forshmak, roe made out of eggplants, baked pepper with garlic, varenyky with cherries, beef with prunes, stuffed chicken’s neck, cabbage rolls, pancakes with quark, stuffed fish, fried goby fish, pilau with mussels, fried mussels, round rissoles of Black Sea sprout, meat-jelly, fried eggplants, boiled beef tongue with sauce, and it’s only a half what tourists can try.