Language in Odessa

Language in Odessa

Most of the citizens in Odessa are bilingual . They speak both Russian and Ukrainian. Amongst youth it is more common to meet people speaking English.

Odessa is home to more than 120 nationalities, each with its own language and culture. That’s why locals are used to hearing an unusual speech.

. A special lingual and cultural diversity differs Bessarabia. In some villages people speak Bulgarian, in others – Gagauzskyi , Ukrainian and Moldovan. Under Bolgrad there is a village where people speak Albanian.

The unique language of Odessa has been praised in theatre and cinematography. But its rarely used on the streets of Odessa nowadays. But to speak with Odessa’ accent is still considered cool amongst market traders. So you can still meet alive prototypes of Kaatev and Babel on Privoz and New Market.

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