Customs and traditions

Customs and traditions

In Odessa and its region there are two main languages spoken by its inhabitants: Russian and Ukrainian. Nevertheless, the city is a home to almost 120 nationalities that also use their own languages. English is gaining a huge popularity amongst youth.

Odessa follows the Kiev time zone, which is two hours ahead of the world time UTC in winter, and three hours in summer accordingly . Change to the summer time, happens when the clocks are turned forward by one hour on the last Sunday of March. And change to the winter time, happens when the clocks are turned backward by one hour on the last Sunday of October.

All settlements for commodities and services are carried out by grivna(UAH)- which is the official currency of Ukraine. In Odessa and its region work hundreds of exchange services, where dollars or euros can be exchanged to grivnas.

Working day in Odessa usually starts at 8:00 or 9:00 am and goes on until 17:00 or 18:00 pm. State establishments typically have a lunch break at 13:00 pm. Majority of companies work without lunch breaks.

Most of the restaurants work until the last client. Night clubs where the food is also served typically are open until morning. If you enjoy the service, you can leave a tip of 10%.

Price range in the restaurants in Odessa is lower than in Europe. Cup of espresso costs less than a euro (17 UAH). You can get a breakfast worth 1.5 euro (35 UAH).

Cost of public transportation is 0.2 euro ( 5 UAH) in the bus and 0.1 euro ( 2 UAH) in tram. Using a taxi at the cost of 4 euros ( 100 UAH) you can get to the centre of the city from any place. Dozens of companies offer taxi services, that can be ordered by phone. They announce the price of the trip directly on the phone. If you catch a taxi directly on the street it may cost you 2-3 times more ,especially for foreigners. Some of the drivers will gladly pick you up on a street for a nominal price.