Zoo of Odessa

Zoo of Odessa

Idea of creating a zoo in Odessa first appeared on the eve of city’s centennial celebration, in 1889, then design and layout of the “Zoo on the Police Street next to the cliff” were drafted, but unfortunately it wasn’t realized. Next step to the zoo creation was taken in 1914- the design of its construction on the territory of botanical garden, approved by the City Council; but the beginning of the First World War and the following Civil War interfered the construction. And only in 1922 began construction of the zoo in Odessa on the Primorskyi boulevard, somewhere in the region of the lower garden of Vorontsovskyi palace. Main contribution into construction of the first zoo in Odessa belongs to the energetic manager of the association “Southclimate” -Beizert Genrich Vladimirovich.

In 1992 according to the Law of Ukraine “About nature-preserving foundation” the zoo received a status of reserved territory of the State importance and is included in the Nature Preserving Foundation of Ukraine. Animal collection of the Odessa Zoo includes 153 species and counts up to 720 specimens. Next to the zoo operates a terrarium.

In the Zoo of Odessa rare animals are kept, which are registered in the Red Book of International Union for Conservation of Nature, European Red List and Red Book of Ukraine- 24 species. Many of which successfully reproduce. It includes: Far-Eastern leopards, Przewalski horses, Turkmenian koulans, European moufflons, hamadryads, brown bears, steppe cranes, saker falcons, Eurasian eagle-owls and many other animals.

г.Одесса, ул. Новощепной ряд, 25 (около «Привоза») Odessa, Novoshepnyi ryad str. 25( next to the “Privoz”)

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