Odessa Dolphinarium

Odessa Dolphinarium

One of the most remarkable sights of Odessa is the cultural –wellness complex “Nemo”,which includes a hotel,restaurants, beach faicilities,oceanarium,centre of dolphin-therapy and of course a dolphinarium.

"Nemo" is a part of the international community of dolphinariums in Ukraine,Russia,Belarus,Kazakhstan and Thailand. Dolphinarium is designed and built according to the international standards and the maintenance of marine mammals meets all the requirements and approval of the international community.

"Nemo" surprises with modern architecture,a magnificent esplanade with fountains,as well as the best in Europe show program with participation of bottlenose dolphins, South American fur seals and sea-lions.

For your demand: daily daytime performances, festive events and romantic night shows - every Saturday. Further details can be found in section http://www.nemo.od.ua/price/ or by phone +380 48 720-70-70.

On the territory of the dolphinarium operates an oceanarium,where you can meet bright oceanic,marine and freshwater inhabitants and exotic animals from around the world .

In "Nemo" you can not only see the show with dolphins,but even swim with them (to dive to the bottom of the pool you will be assisted by diving instructors),take pictures and even undergo a dolphin therapy. Dolphin sessions facilitate relaxation and wellness of people,who are exposed to chronic stress,as well as the rehabilitation of children with psycho-physiological developmental disabilities.

There is an old belief saying that touching a dolphin brings happiness! Visiting Odessa dolphinarium "Nemo",you are guaranteed to receive unforgettable experience and positive emotions! See you in "Nemo"!

Odessa, “Langeron” beach 25

( 048) 720-70-80

Ticket office works daily from 10:00 am till 19:00 pm, during night shows till 22:00 pm. Mon-Sun